Ubisoft Teases a New Child of Light Game

Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal has teased a new game in the Child of Light universe.

Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal, Patrick Plourde, has teased a new Child of Light game via Twitter.

"Fans of Child of Light: There are very cool projects in process set in the Child of Light universe," said Plourde. He went on to say more news will be revealed soon.

The term "universe" implies that any new games are unlikely to be direct sequels to the original Child of Light but that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who played the game - considering how finite the story was.

Child of Light is a 2D, platforming RPG with a beautiful art style. The game follows the story of Aurora, a little girl who must battle her way through the otherworld to restore the sun, moon and stars to save her father.

Plourde worked on the original game with a very small team and last year commented that it had made "enough" money to warrant a sequel.

Stay tuned for more Child of Light news.


Published Apr. 14th 2015

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