Checkmate as Pure Chess Arrives on Xbox One and PC Soon

With over 2,500,000 downloads across all available platforms, is it your move?

Pure Chess, the popular next-generation adaptation of the classic board game, is arriving on Xbox One and PC via Steam.

Pure Chess is the first game released on every available next-generation console by Ripstone, the publisher of the game, which was originally developed by VooFoo Studios. This latest iteration has been developed solely by the publisher's in-house development team. Pure Chess has amassed an impressive number of downloads on the PlayStation Network, Nintendo platforms and mobile; with over 2,500,000 downloads, it's obvious the world still loves chess.

According to the developers, Pure Chess aims to reflect the majesty and complexity of the game, which was originally played in the 7th century. Because chess is considered one of the most iconic games around, Pure Chess was developed with the assistance of a chess grandmaster, the highest ranking a chess player can attain. The developers claim the game appeals to a wide audience, due to the various tutorials available which will allow beginners to gradually improve -- and even become a grandmaster themselves.

Pure Chess comes to PC via Steam and Xbox One this summer.

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Published Jun. 8th 2016

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