Destiny: Rise of Iron - The return of the Khvostov

The Khvostov makes its return from being one of the first ever weapons in Destiny, this time it will be in exotic form. The new Khvostov will sport some major additions...

A crucial part of the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion will be exotic weapons. Getting those unique and influential weapons are integral for any guardian. With more information circulating, some details have surfaced regarding one weapon, in particular, the Khvostov. For those of you unaware, the Khvostov was the first weapon ever to grace the hands of every single guardian. It was the fully automatic rifle which gave birth to our kill counts and unfortunately, is probably the first thing guardians dismantle. However, with Destiny: Rise of Iron fast approaching on September 20th, the Khvostov will make its ultimate return in exotic form.

The two-year development of the new Khvostov will see it become one of the most customisable guns in all of Destiny. Key features include being able to change how it fires, switching between fully auto, burst rounds and single shot. Also when in fully automatic mode, users can switch between differing rates of fire.

Overall, the returning Khvostov is only one gun in the whole new expansion of Destiny, but it will be a great look back on the heritage of that nostalgic first weapon.

Published Aug. 9th 2016

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