Monster Hunter: World to Require Only 16 GB of Hard Drive Space

Monster Hunter: World is bucking the trend of increasingly large file sizes. Will Capcom use this to draw in even more players?

Thanks to a picture of the Japanese box art for Capcom's Monster Hunter: World, we now know the game will take up 16 GB on your hard drive. While we are sure to see the file size increase with patches and DLC, this is still a relatively small file size compared to other AAA games today, many of which are in the 20-40 GB range or even larger -- Grand Theft Auto V and Final Fantasy XV are both examples of games that take up over 70 GB of space.

Japanese Box Art of Monster Hunter: World showing its 16GB file size. via

Check out the blue box near the center: 16GB!

So what does Monster Hunter: World's 16 GB size mean for Capcom? In addition to positive feedback from beta testers and a strong following of fans, Capcom may be able to use the smaller file size to further promote their game before its console launch on January 26th and PC launch later in 2018.


Are you surprised by the relatively small file size of Monster Hunter: World? How much do size limitations influence your purchasing decisions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Jan. 8th 2018

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