Get Ready for Glamourous Meatballs in New My Hero One's Justice 2 Roster Additions

My Hero One's Justice 2 welcomes two more fan-favorite characters to its ever-growing roster.

My Hero One's Justice 2 just got two more new characters added in, following on from villain Kendo Rappa a short while ago. This time around, the additions are bubbly high-school student Camie Utsushi and snobbish Seiji Shishikura.

The news comes from Jump Magazine and was translated by Siliconera. And it means we're going to have to get serious about our tier list now. 

Camie wears a black catsuit with a poofy cap and high white boots, and her Quirk is Glamour, which gives Camie an edge in battle in a few different ways. It lets her create distractions through visual- and sound-based illusions, and it lets her sneak behind opponents for a swift strike.

Camie's swiftness is highlighted in the gameplay, and it is one of her biggest assets since she has no long-range attacks and no projectiles.

Seiji sports his usual black coat, half-mask and half-gloves. According to Jump, Seiji is a technical character with different controls. That's probably down to his unique Quirk, Meatball. Meatball gives Seiji control over flesh, letting him mold people's bodies into literal meatballs. He can even detach his flesh and use it in combat for both offense and defense.

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Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more My Hero One's Justice 2 news as we near its March release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 


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Published Feb. 6th 2020

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