DmC: Definitive Edition Features Revealed

New features for DmC: Definitive Edition include 4 new modes and a Bloody Palace level designed for Virgil.

Gamers who are eagerly awaiting the March release Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition just got new information on its features

The definitive edition features fine-tuned controls, alternate clothing for both Dante and Virgil, three new weapon skins, and will be rendered in 1080p with 60fps gameplay.

Players will also have access to 4 new modes that can be combined as gamers see fit. 

  • Hardcore Mode: In this mode players are given a taste of the original combat design in traditional Devil May Cry games. Specifically, ranking up is harder and bonuses deteriorate quicker, Devil Trigger doesn't launch enemies, parrying becomes more difficult and enemies dish out far more damage than normal. 
  • Must Style: Enemies in this mode can't be damaged unless you get at least an S style ranking. 
  • Gods Must Die Mode: Every enemy spawns with Devil Triggers active while item and health drops are removed. 
  • Turbo Mode: Gameplay gets 20% faster in this mode. 

But there is more to the definitive edition than just shiny new modes. 

The developers have even crafted a special Bloody Palace level for Virgil so that he can slay demons with reckless abandon. 

DmC: Definitive Edition will also include all the DLC content released thus far, new weapons, and the integration of popular community mods.  

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Published Feb. 2nd 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I'm curious what community mods are being included...
  • Death Metal Hero
    I loved DMC so much, cant wait to play it again on new gen consoles.

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