The Pokemon TCG base set returns with "Evolutions"

The original base set Pokemon cards are back! With a revisited TCG set launching later this year. Featuring unaltered art work of some of your favorite cards.

We can all agree that this year so far has been pretty big for the Pokemon brand. With the upcoming release of generation 7 games and the impact of Pokemon Go, surely there is nothing to top this?

But there might just be. Let's take a look at the trading card game series and its latest announcement. 

Very recently it was announced that the Pokemon Company is revisiting the past with a special edition TCG set "Evolutions" which is inspired by the original base set cards! These cards will feature unaltered artwork from the original 1999 base set, sparking the nostalgia of every young adult and the hearts of collectors. 

However, being a revisited set, Evolutions will feature current versions of TCG cards, such as EX style and Break cards. Considering this, it is a very exciting time indeed to see some of our favorite Generation 1 Pokemon back in packs. Just when you thought Pokémon couldn't get any better, it just did.

The Evolutions set will drop in November this year for the West and September for Japan.


Ryan Gulliford, a student well versed in the ways of first person shooters and racing genres, with a little bit of Pokemon knowledge thrown in for good measure. Exploring the world of gaming journalism one step at a time, and owner of his own gaming blog

Published May. 18th 2020

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