Kickstarter for Re: Legend Has Launched

The crowdfunding campaign for the life simulation game has begun.

Re:Legend, the farming and monster raising game being developed by Magnus Games with the help of the Square Enix Collective, has officially started its Kickstarter campaign. 

The campaign seeks to gain $51,350 by August 25, and has an expected release date of June 2018. Stretch goals have not yet been detailed at this time, but all backer rewards have been revealed.

Depending on how much an individual pledges, backer rewards can include one or more digital Steam copies of the game, early beta access, exclusive HD wallpapers, digital and physical art books, a digital soundtrack, limited Magnus plushies, an exclusive weapon and armor set, a digital strategy guide, designing a weapon for the game and being credited as a weapon designer, having an NPC in the game named after the backer, creating a three evolution stage Magnus, designing a boss for the main story and receiving a 3D print of that boss, and being credited as an Executive Game Producer providing their own creative input.

Some new information about the game has also been revealed through the Kickstarter page. Character customization is a newly detailed feature in which players can choose their character's eyes, eye color, hair style, hair color,  skin color, clothes, and more.

The soundtrack, which is being composed by Shota Nakama, Falk Au Yeong, and Yoshitaka Suzuki, now has three sample tracks fans can listen to via Soundcloud.

Several pieces of concept art for various Magnus have also been revealed. The game's development team claims they are aiming for an art style that is a combination of "cute and cool," and have been spending a lot of time turning the monsters from 2D concept art into 3D assets.

Right before the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, a new fan-selected Magnus was revealed. On Twitter, an image with 11 possible Magnus for the game was shared. Fan response showed that the Duskel Deer was the most popular, so now it's guaranteed to be in the game.

Re: Legend has an expected release date of June 2018 for PC via Steam. The team also plans to release the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch -- but stretch goal details for these additional versions of the game have not yet been revealed. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates.


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Published Jul. 26th 2017

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