Popular Zelda character was considered a spinoff

While Link won't be female anytime soon, Miyamoto is open to the idea of Sheik, Zelda's alter-ego, starring in her own game.

The lack of a gender option in Zelda: Breath of the Wild has caused no shortage of controversy, but a recent Game Rant interview with Miyamoto revealed an interesting tidbit. While he remains firm in keeping Link as male, since he's the established hero, he's open to the idea of a Zelda heroine starring in her own game, In fact, the Zelda team once discussed the possibility of a game featuring Sheik, otherwise known as Zelda's ninja-like alter-ego in Ocarina of Time. Miyamoto went on to elaborate:

“Within the development team, too, there have been talks about how it might be cool to have a game that features Sheik as a protagonist. It’s having maybe a Zelda spin-off with Sheik as a protagonist, for example, I don’t think that’s an impossibility.”

While Sheik is undoubtedly a popular candidate, bear in mind Game Rant's warning: this doesn't hint at anything definitive, as it could've just been an idea tossed around by staff. However, that Miyamoto is open to the idea probably isn't anything new: remember when fairy-wannabe Tingle starred in not one, but two spin-offs?

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Image Source: IGN

Published Jun. 16th 2016
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    I'd put down $50 saying that if they did announce a game with Sheik as the protagonist, people would still complain that the "hero" isn't a female on the grounds that Sheik is a "male-looking" protagonist. Everyone always finds a new way to complain when it comes to politics... >_>

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