Mario Makes Surprise Appearance at Rio Olympics

With the help of famous Japanese icons, Mario himself made a surprise appearance at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony!

As the Rio Olympics came to end yesterday, the flag was handed to Japan -- with help from a certain portly plumber. In a video sequence during the closing ceremony, Super Mario appeared alongside Japanese cultural icons like Captain Tsubasa and Doraemon as he scrambled to make it to the Rio ceremony from Japan. With the help of Doraemon's makeshift Warp Pipe, he hops in...

...only to transform into Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who actually popped out of a real-life Warp Pipe in Rio while dressed up as Mario. The surprise Nintendo cameo set social media on fire, and went over so well with investors that the company's stock went up by 3.5% in Tokyo. The idea was apparently proposed by the Tokyo organizing committee, but Nintendo has been reported not to be a sponsor for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games.  

YouTube videos hosting the clip have have been hit with copyright claims from NBC, but it can be viewed on NBC's official Twitter.

Did you enjoy Mario's surprise Olympic cameo? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Aug. 22nd 2016

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