5 Classic Harvest Moon Games for Stardew Valley Fans

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Stardew Valley has steadily become a massive bestseller ever since it hit Steam in February 2016. Estimated by SteamSpy to have earned $24 million in the past year, it's hard to imagine it was a one-man project. What we do know is that creator Eric Barone, who is a huge Harvest Moon fan, started Stardew Valley as a Harvest Moon clone to teach himself how to code. 

Now, it is its own beast, and Barone still updates it to this day. So while you wait on those updates (or have already played Stardew Valley through several decades of seasons), take a look at these five Harvest Moon games for Stardew Valley fans. 

These games will be ranked in terms of popular opinion, game review scores, and how similar each is to Stardew Valley. So let's get started!

Published Jun. 5th 2017

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