Move Over Pikachu; Here's Fans' New Favorite Pokemon!

Pokemon General Election 720 has chosen a new Pokemon as the franchise's #1 most popular! But who is it?

Who is the most popular Pokemon? Most would assume Pikachu, the series' adorable and instantly recognizable mascot, would take the prize. However, according to The Pokemon General Election 720, that award belongs to none other than Kalos big-hitter and Smash Bros. superstar Greninja, the final evolved form of X and Y starter Froakie.

It's probably due to that tongue/scarf thing.

The results of the election, which ran from April 15 to May 9, were announced on Tuesday's episode of Oha Suta!, a Japanese children's television show, and at a celebration broadcast live via Line Live the same day. (Line is a popular Japanese social media network). During the election, voters could show support for their favorite Pokemon by casting their votes at polling boxes at Pokemon Centers and Toys 'R Us locations, online, using a digital TV remote during the Pokemon XY & Z broadcast on TV Tokyo, and using a ballot in Japanese magazine Coro Coro Comic. All 720 Pokemon released prior to Pokemon Sun and Moon were included in the poll.

Surprisingly, Pikachu didn't even earn silver or bronze; those recognitions go to Arceus and Mew, respectively. The lovable mascot had to settle for a disappointing fourth, with Sylveon, Genesect, Rayquaza, Zygarde, Charizard, and Meloetta rounding out the top ten.

Pikachu is sad you didn't vote for him.

The top 100 spots can be found on the election's official website.

So, what do you think? Does Greninja deserve the title of most beloved Pokemon? Who would you give that honor to? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Jun. 9th 2016

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