Animate your next game like Futurama with Studio Ghibli's tools.

Studio Ghibli's 2D animation software is free to download and use. 2D game devs will love this.

Do you remember the movie Spirited Away, or Anastasia? How about Ponyo, or Futurama?

Well, the software used to create those movies is called Toonz. It's a 2D animation software created by Digital Video S.p.A. that first came out 23 years ago. Now -- as of March 26th, 2016 -- creators can download the Studio Ghibli version for free. It is officially open source.

So, now you can utilize the powerful software to change your storyboarding and art direction within your games and animations. The combination makes hand-drawn and digital animations fit together pretty seamlessly.

The fact that you can use professional 2D animation tools free is a game changer for tight-budget projects and teams. Imagine being able to create visuals like the ones found in Capcom's 2006 Game of the Year ÅŒkami with your team.

So if you want to get started, download the open-source version. But if you want to get the premium version with all of the perks it has to offer, check this out.

Published Mar. 26th 2016
  • | Narz |
    This is pretty rad!! Thanks!
  • Lioso Cadelanne
    It's going to interesting to see how this effects the digital animation software market. Toonboom is going to have to up their game.

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