Don't Starve together is coming to PlayStation 4

Don't Starve Together is coming to PlayStation 4 next year.

Don't Starve Together, the stand-alone multiplayer expansion for Don't Starve,  will be making making its console debut on the PlayStation 4 next year.

This expansion will allow you and a friend explore a dangerous world and work together to survive.Three different game modes can be played in this expansion.

There's survival mode, which is a harder version of Don't Starve; endless mode, which is a more relaxed version of the game; and wilderness mode, which spawns the two players at two different locations on the map and doesn't allow them to use any resurrection items. 

Another new mechanic in the expansion is the ability to become a ghost when you die. Player's ghosts can be resurrected if they interact with a Touch Stone, Meat Effigy, Life Giving Amulet, or a Telltate heart.

So are you excited for Don't Starve Together coming to PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.


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Published Dec. 6th 2015

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