Everything You Need to Know about Football Manager 2017

Football Manager 2017 comes out Friday and we have the skinny on everything you need to know about the latest installment.

The Football Manager franchise aims to allow you to take complete control of your favorite football team. With the the 13th Football Manager installment from Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2017 will fully immerse you like never before in the most realistic version yet.

This latest Football Manager includes an insane amount of updates from it’s predecessor. Improvement in AI decision making, along with new camera angles puts you dead center to witness the full football experience during matches.

With the number of decisions made by the AI players per second nearly doubled and more than 1500 reactive modes, AI players are more aware of their actions, enhancing last minute decision making.

Personal avatars were a fan-favorite from 2016 and will now be upgraded for more details. In FM2017, you’ll be able to directly take a photo of yourself, with far more customizing detail to give a life-like custom manager avatar.

Off the pitch, the interface to managing your club has been greatly improved.
The way certain information is presented to you has been changed, with any information directly related to the club going to your inbox. This will allow for more information in a central location instead of needing to navigate elsewhere to make important decisions.

As the world evolves, so does football. The Social Media tab will show you reactions from fans, other clubs, and media sharing news and views pertaining to you and the rest of the FM17 world. On the flip side, you’ll be able to see how your managerial decisions have a positive, or negative effect on the football community.

The system of contracts and trades for players has greatly improved as well. You’ll deal deeper with pre-contract conversations with players and agents. You’ll also be allowed to see how they will set in a team and opinions about them from your staff, along with trying to pitch your club to them.

Viewing players will be much easier, as you will now have a screen dedicated to every single player that has ever played for your club.

Personality traits of players have also been enhanced, as there will be a larger effect on how you treat your players. If they disagree with a decision you make to not play them, they can run to local media and let their opinions be known to sway in their favor.

This is just a short look at what Football Manager offers for you in the new year. With major improvements from the previous version, the hope to give players a fully immersive experience into the world of football management.

Football Manager 2017 is available November 4th and with a pre-purchase you’ll also receive a range of free downloadable content for Touch including ‘Board Override’, ‘No Firing’, and more!

Football Manager 2017 is available in 15 different languages, not including Chinese. This has been the source of much controversy in some pre-release reviews of the game on Steam -- those reviews being mostly negative before the official release of the game.

SEGA actually just announced that it has begun work on translating Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017 into Traditional Chinese. There is no release date yet, but Chinese fans are assured their version will be coming.


Published Nov. 2nd 2016

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