Xbox One Release Delayed in China

Just days before the system was set to launch in China, Microsoft delayed the Xbox One's release.

Microsoft has delayed releasing the Xbox One in China, just days before it was intended to launch. According to Gamasutra, the system was supposed to launch September 23. But in a statement to Polygon, Microsoft promised that China would see the Xbox One "by the end of the year."

Those who have already pre-ordered an Xbox One will be compensated for the delay. Along with the system, Microsoft promises "an added bonus" (not specified) to those who pre-ordered the system some time before the delay. Yet not everybody in China will have to wait for an Xbox One. Microsoft planned a release event at Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower, and rather than cancel it, they intend to give away 100 Xbox Ones at the former launch event instead.

But why?

Reasons for the delay are not entirely clear. Microsoft stated that they delayed the system to ensure they can deliver the best experience they possibly can, but this is entirely uninformative.

The most plausible explanation might come from Japan. With the system recently launching in the region to disappointing sales, Microsoft might be delaying the system in China to give themselves time to improve its sales. But without any confirmation from Microsoft (or any news about the other launches planned for this September), this is only speculation.


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Published Sep. 22nd 2014

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