Tadpole Treble releases on Steam today!

Musical adventure game Tadpole Treble release on Steam today for PC, Linux, Mac, and SteamOS.

Tadpole Treble is a musical adventure game developed by Matthew and Michael Taranto under BitFinity, in which you embark on a journey as a tadpole attempting to return home, while "playing along" with music.  The game released on Steam today for PC, Linux, Mac, and SteamOS.  Despite the launch, Tadpole Treble will remain at it's Early Access cost of €9.99.

What is Tadpole Treble?

Tadpole Treble is developed by the Taranto Brothers. Matthew Taranto is known as the creator of the Smash Bros themed webcomic "Brawl in the Family". 

In Tadpole Treble, you take on the role of Baton, a tadpole attempting to find it's way home. On your journey, you will encounter all forms of characters, from piranhas to flirtatious tadpoles to greedy bubble loving bullfrogs. All the while you'll join in, playing along to the song of each level.

The game had a successful Kickstarter campaign and released on the Wii U August 11th, 2016. It released today today, for PC, Linux, Mac, and SteamOS, after leaving  Early Access.

What are the features of Tadpole Treble?

The game has quite a few features available to the player including:

  • 13 levels
  • 30 original music compositions
  • 5 boss battles
  • Story Mode
  • Bonus content such as unlockable music, a large bestiary and game commentaries.
  • Online leaderboards for each level
  • Composition Mode that allows players to create their own levels and music.

Along with an admirable list of features, the game currently has a perfect positive review standing on Steam -- 88 Positive and 0 Negative.

Tadpole Treble is looking to be an impressive title with unique gameplay. It has an impressive list of features for a two man indie title. A perfect positive review score on Steam is unheard of. The ability to create your own levels and music is also an enticing feature to give those interested some fun.

Tadpole Treble is available to buy on Steam for €9.99.

Want to know more about Tadpole Treble? You can find my review for it here on GameSkinny.




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Published Sep. 3rd 2016

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