Snoop Dogg campaigns for NCAA Football 14 on the Xbox One

Snoop Dogg rallies for support as he tries to bring backwards compatibility to the Xbox One for NCAA Football 14.

Hearing the news of Microsoft giving backwards compatibility to certain games based on the fan's vote, Snoop Dogg is starting a rally to bring NCAA Football 14 to the Xbox One. This is possibly the last college football game to be made, and Snoop Dogg is using his celebrity status and massive number of social media followers to shine some light on the college football game. 

On Tuesday, Snoop Dogg sent out a Tweet, saying that NCAA Football 14 needed 10,000 votes for Microsoft to consider bringing it to the Xbox One.

When Snoop Dogg sent out his plea, votes for the game stood at 4,670 but now they have risen up to 6,170 which is a pretty impressive jump for just two days. 

It seems like the rapper is able to make somewhat of a difference on the game's fate, but the site doesn't legitimately decide which games get to be compatible on the Xbox One. Although fans do get to make an impact of their choosing, ultimately it is the developers decision to go through doing it.

With all that said you can't blame Snoop Dogg for trying, and he certainly has put hope in the hearts of others who want to play NCAA Football 14 again on the next generation consoles. The leading game for backwards compatibility as of right now is Call of Duty: Black Ops II and even though NCAA Football is far behind, EA could be hopefully motivated by Snoop's efforts.


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Published Jul. 24th 2015
  • james dean_7557
    Who ever ia reaponsible for getting rid of ncaa football games i hope they burn in hell whats was wrong dor using plsyer likenesses i would pay for someone to do that for me i should be famous and these loseres have nothing better than make me misserable now i have to keep playing ncaa 14 whatever player or ncaa peraon that did this bern in hell for eternity u pice of crap ibhate u

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