Alan Wake 2 Could Finally be in the Works

Remedy is now ready to make a sequel to the original Alan Wake.

The beloved game that has helped founded a niche the episodic story telling genre, Alan Wake, has a new sequel that is finally in discussion. The original Alan Wake was released for the Xbox 360 in 2010, and now 5 years later, Remedy would like to take on the project of Alan Wake 2

Remedy has released a 14 minute gameplay demo of Alan Wake 2 that was created back in 2010. The demo was used as a pitch for publishers to buy into the idea, but no there was luck to be found. Even Microsoft passed up on the idea of a sequel, and now Sam Lake, Remedy's chief creative director, hints that if Microsoft doesn't bite this time, we could see a release being on any of the other two consoles, along with the PC.

Sam Lake was planning a sequel ever since the beginning of the game. During an interview he was quoted saying: 

"For Alan Wake, from the get-go, we assumed there was going to be a sequel and we mapped things further out when it came to character, story, details and focus changes," Lake explained. "We knew we would have to iterate and refine, but there was always a rough road map there."

Lake mentions that once Quantum Break wraps up, the studio will begin to work on Alan Wake 2. 

The plan for a successful sequel according to Lake is a game that anyone can pick up and jump into. He doesn't want to make players feel like they already have to play prior games in order for Alan Wake 2 to be enjoyable. Lake wants to make it so that anyone can jump onboard and be immersed into the action.

Published Apr. 21st 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    YES! FINALLY! My goodness it's been a long wait for this one. I look forward to it!
  • Victor Ren
    Alan Wake is something I actually never played, but from doing some research I am really interested now
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I strongly advise that if you have the choice, play the PC version. The extras included are fantastic, including not just the DLC, but also a ton of behind the scenes content.
  • Victor Ren
    Thank you so much, I'll be sure to check it out, especially since now it should be very cheap
  • Farrel Nobel
    It's good to see a developer be very passionate about getting a sequel in, even after many years since the first game.
  • Victor Ren
    Agreed. For these guys its just that they never got a chance from Microsoft again, but I bet it was always in the back of their head.

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