Nintendo To Allow Free Look Into Unreleased Games During E3

Don't wait until the reviews hit the web! Head to Best Buy during E3 to make your own Wii U game reviews!

In a very different yet probably smart move, Nintendo has partnered up with Best Buy in order to offer gamers the chance to play new unreleased Wii U games during the E3. E3 does not allow anyone of the general public in, other than some live streams, so this allows the average consumer a chance to physically demo the games before they come out instead of having to rely on what the Press determines are good games.

The Wii U hasn't done as well as Nintendo expected, so this is a clever way of convincing those who haven't yet acquired it to make the move. There has been no yet official notice of what games will be available, however. 

Nintendo will be announcing its game lineup on June 11th.

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Published May. 17th 2013

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