Riot Points Get a Price Increase in the UK

More than a year after Brexit and the drop in value of the UK pound, Riot Games decides they need to act on the change.

Over a year ago Brexit was passed, separating the UK from the European Union. As a result of this, the British pound dropped to the lowest value it's ever been. And the ramifications of that decision have already started to have effects on the video game industry as a whole. But now it's affecting players of one of the most popular games on the market -- League of Legends. 

For the past year now, UK LoL players who have bought Riot Points have technically been paying less for a lot more RP than anyone else in the world. After sitting back and waiting to see how the state of the British pound fairs with time, Riot Games finally decided it needs to act to make things equal again.

On July 25 at 23:59 BST, Riot will be increasing the cost of RP for UK players by 20%. With the price adjustment, here are the new values for Riot Points:

Price Point Old RP Amount New RP Amount
£5 975 RP 790 RP
£10 2,075 RP 1,650 RP
£20 4,200 RP 3,350 RP
£35 7,450 RP 5,950 RP
£50 10,700 RP  8,600 RP


Along with the price changes, will be adjustments to the price points. Realizing that with the price drop there's no price point to get just enough to buy certain skins, Riot has added a £15 price point that will get you 2,525 RP. The developer has also removed the £2.50 price point to balance it out (and because almost no one was buying that price point anyways).

What do you think about the price increase? Is it fair to UK players, or should Riot be waiting longer for the British pound to regain its value post-Brexit? Sound off in the comments below, and keep your eyes on Gameskinny for more League of Legends news.


Published Jun. 9th 2020

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