Injustice (Mobile) - Multi-Player?

Mobile PvP? #whowillwin?

One year after exploding onto iPads, iPhones and Android devices, NetherRealm Studio's mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us announced a major update.

Multi-Player Mode.

Actor Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the animated series and countless games including Arkham Aslyum and Arkham City, teased the new challenge to players from WonderCon: Anaheim this past weekend. Now, check out the gameplay video in DC's new All Access webcast.

Injustice mobile players have discussed the concept of PvP or other forms of multi-player modes since the app was first released last April. But, it's not been an entirely positive discussion.

Fortune Favors Those Spending a Fortune?

One criticism is that pay to play would make the game lopsided toward those paying for game credits to buy Gold Level characters or more support cards. But, isn't that the idea?

Most games with free-to-play and micro transactions are set up so those who are buying credits have the edge. That's why you can play free at all is to incentivize you to spend a little or spend a lot.

So, there's no room for whining. And micro-transactions have been part of the game from the beginning. Booster packs from $1.99 up to $99.99 can be purchased from the Shop screen.


It seems like the more popular the game, the more likely it will be cracked and hacked to give some players an unfair edge. The mobile version of Injustice has proven to be a very easy app to alter or tweak. With a little effort and a free downloadable app, a player can give themselves endless resources, replay previous Challenge Modes, even play unreleased characters.

While Injustice was single-player mode only, it was No Harm / No Foul, but now...

Tweaked player accounts could stack their decks with little effort at all. If multi-player means PvP battles, they will be able field teams of maxed out Gold Level Elite characters without having to either earn or buy them. 

From a developer standpoint, you want players to be motivated to buy. Knowing that other players are taking free shortcuts, will it be an incentive to not purchase booster packs? Will other players walk away knowing that shortcuts ruin a level playing field?

Creative Justice

Rumor has been circulating how NetherRealm would combat these issues. Level 10 characters? This is something that's been hinted at in press releases, Facebook and Twitter. Players may be required to have lower level characters on their teams, so it wouldn't matter how much you spent or hacked. It would all come down to strategy and finger-swiping. And that's the kind of challenge gamers want.

Extras and Gimmes

A screen capture from Multi-Player Mode also shows some other unreleased items. Namely, a Batman Returns version of Catwoman (Michelle Pfieffer's leather suit) in the lower-left and a Teen Titans version of Cyborg battling Wonder Woman there. Will they be Gold versions? 

Also expect the next Challenge Mode to be Boss Grundy. After all, he was the only one teased that hasn't been released yet. In the meantime, keep working for your Containment Suit Doomsday.

Lastly, more nifty images of a new Animated version of Harley Quinn, classic Nightwing, Arrow Green Arrow and another version of Sinestro, can be seen in the video as well. And what looks like an upgraded user interface! A lot to take in and I'm sure you'll see a lot more coming.


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Published Apr. 22nd 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    About time... although all the reasons you cite make me worry about Nether Realm going a bridge too far.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    - they weren't reasons as much as concerns. But they are smart folks.

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