Riot Collaborates with Bassnectar, Dada Life, and More for New DJ Sona's Music

Riot has teamed up with some big names in electronic music to bring DJ Sona's soundtrack to the players.


In a series of videos released over the past few days on Riot's channel, the company behind League of Legends revealed the artists with whom they have collaborated to bring DJ Sona's new soundtrack to players.

Though the team at Riot has brought us music videos before - Get Jinxed, which introduced the champion Jinx, and The Curse of the Sad Mummy, which told the story of the champion Amumu - DJ Sona's new songs represent the first time Riot has worked with popular recording artists outside of their own music department.

The new songs have been released in full on Riot's YouTube channel, along with the names of each artist. For the "high energy beats" of Kinetic, Riot teamed up with The Crystal Method and Dada Life:


For the "hard hitting rhythms" of Concussive, they collaborated with Bassnectar and Renholdër:

And for the "atmospheric vibes" of Ethereal, Riot harmonized with Nosaj Thing and Pretty Lights:

Once again, Riot shows its dedication to its fans in the effort going into this Ultimate Skin by going above and beyond for what is essentially only an aesthetic addition to a character. This additional effort is not, however, reflected in the price tag; like the other two Ultimate Skins, DJ Sona will likely cost 3250 Riot Points (RP).


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Published Feb. 8th 2015
  • Jev_2812
    "DJ Sona's new songs represent the first time Riot has worked with popular recording artists outside of their own music department"

    Not true. They have collaborated with Imagine Dragons to Create "Warriors", Jorn Lande and former Dragonforce members to create the soundtrack "Smite and Ignite" and quite a few more. ;D
  • RiOT_5602
    This isn't true at all. Riot has collaborated with artists beyond their own team before. "Here comes Vi" is one such example.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I love how many more artists are getting on board with video games. Also people like SuperGiant with their amazing music is bringing the whole industry up.

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