Sombra Hacks LumeriCo With Your Help

LumeriCo website hacked, along with a gift from Sombra.

The Sombra ARG was causing a lot of mischief on Tuesday, as the Overwatch discord and subreddit got hacked.

Subsequently the Overwatch twitter announces that the LumeriCo website is under attack from 'mysterious assailants.'

With the help of various and extensive clues left by Sombra herself, players were able to 'hack' the LumeriCo website along with the e-mail of 'GFlores' which released a text file that translated to: 

Logging in with the credentials "MJimenez" (supposedly Sombras real name) and the given password, you were given access to the admin panel of LumeriCo. The MJimenez emails also provide the correct code to place in the admin panel, including the code found in the Tracer tail from the "Welcome to the Summer Games" trailer. After which you are added to the counter and the valves shown on screen are raised higher and higher.

Players and 'hackers' alike gluing themselves to their screens patiently waiting for it to reach 100%. Could it be a Sombra release FINALLY?

Not really, no.

After reaching 100% the LumeriCo website glitches along with a new message at the front page.

"I'm going to send something to thank you... I wish I could take advantage. Dasvidanya friends."

The gift turns out to be a new spray.

The LumeriCo logo is now upside down and the site on the news tab now reads:

As she says goodbye in Russian, is discovered.
The site simply states "Server overloaded. Maintenance is being conducted."

Along with Sombra Protocol 2.3 being active on the Volskaya map.

The Sombra ARG scavenger hunt continues. As we've mentioned previously, with BlizzCon approaching Sombra will most likely be officially announced this weekend.


Published Nov. 2nd 2016

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