Further Details Revealed for Banjo Kazooie Spiritual Successor

Hype train for Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor picking up speed! Talking good old days, creative input from the audience, and voice acting by a certain beloved YouTuber.

Chris Sutherland (Project Director and Software Engineer) and Gavin Price (Managing Director and Creative Lead) of Playtonic Games spoke at EGX Rezzed last weekend about upcoming Project Ukulele.  Check out the embedded video for the full presentation.

Along with lots of secrets, special moves, themed worlds, and collectibles a la classic Rare games like Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, Project Ukulele will share their taste in outlandish characters.  If you’re not familiar with 90s Rare games:

  1. This means cartoon animals with debilitating personality defects and inanimate objects with googly eyes
  2. And what are you doing?  Go play those.

Playtonic is designing each character in Project Ukulele to potentially have their own game.  Essentially, this is the first game in a new Playtonic universe.  The protagonists haven’t technically been revealed yet.  However, at around 12:50 in the presentation below, Price pulls up an in-engine screenshot of one of Ukulele’s levels; check under the bushes to the left (or I can just put it here).

A Kickstarter for Project Ukulele goes live in May.  Playtonic will let us in on some more character designs then; definitely the protagonists, maybe even the character that JonTron’s voicing (don’t believe me, watch the video).

Kickstarter or no Kickstarter, Project Ukulele’s seeing a release.  The fellas at Playtonic want the masses to have as large a hand as possible in the development of their game, and they feel Kickstarter’s the best way to ensure they can include all of our ideas.  During the course of the presentation, Price and Sutherland talk same-day cross-platform release and Amiibo potential.  Have other ideas?  Head to the Playtonic website to bombard Sutherland and Co. with questions they’ll probably give you silly answers to.

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Published May. 5th 2015

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