Animal Exploration Game Lost Ember is Coming to Kickstarter

Mooneye Studios’ stunning exploration adventure begins its Kickstarter campaign on October 11.

Following a well-received teaser trailer, Mooneye Studios has announced that the Kickstarter for its new game Lost Ember will be Tuesday, October 11.

Lost Ember is a third-person exploration adventure game where players traverse as a wolf in a world reclaimed by nature. With the aid of a relic of the fallen Inrahsi culture, players can uncover a story-driven experience full of “loyalty, despair and betrayal” as they unravel the mysteries of the past.

However, play is not limited to just as a wolf. Players will be able to possess other animals in the world, allowing them to soar through the sky as a bird, burrow through the earth as a mole or swim through rivers as a fish. From this variety of perspectives players will discover hidden secrets that piece together the remnants of what happened to the Inrahsi.

Mooneye has stated that its inspirations for Lost Ember include the games Firewatch and Journey. It aims to create a relaxing, engaging experience where players can move at their own pace, interacting with the world through choices to increase the capacity for fun.

The campaign is launching off the back off an email subscriber base of 5,000. It will open with a livestream from the studio, taking a look into the development of Lost Ember. Mooneye will also be holding a prize raffle for backers who participate during the stream.

A Steam GreenLight campaign will also begin at the same time, allowing players to vote to bring the game to the Steam platform.

Lost Ember is planned to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4. However, the success of the game largely depends upon the Kickstarter campaign.


Published Sep. 29th 2016

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