Five of the best PC games to play with your non-gaming partner

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Imagine this nightmare scenario: you’ve been on a couple of dates with someone who seems to be the very definition of your perfect partner. They’re everything you’ve ever wanted in a person and in your mind you’re already thinking of baby names. Things have been going great but, on the third date, the subject of hobbies finally comes up. You explain to your future wife/husband that you have a burning passion for all things video games, particularly on the PC, at which point the Jennifer Lawrence/Channing Tatum lookalike responds with:

“Oh, errrmmm… I don’t really play computer games. I’ve played Angry Birds, does that count?”

Before you decide it’s not going to work and resign yourself to living out the rest of your existence as a crazy cat lady/weird loner, just remember that there are some titles available on the PC which can be enjoyed by people who still think computers are only used for spreadsheets and the internet.

The following list is comprised of PC games which can be enjoyed by non-gamers. Some of them are easy for newbies to play themselves, while others require less direct interaction and are simply fun to watch.

So, should you ever face the (admittedly unlikely) scenario above, then there's no need to roll out the “sorry you’ll never have grandkids” speech to your parents again. Just consult this list and you may be able to turn that almost perfect partner into a gamer.

Published Sep. 27th 2015
  • katlaborde
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks for mentioning D4. It's a great game that's often very overlooked!

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