Sniper Elite VR Sets Sights on July Release Date

Sniper Elite VR gets a new narrative gameplay trailer alongside the release date announcement.

While many hoped Sniper Elite VR would release sometime in 2020, the year came and went without a launch or even a release date. But, six months into 2021, that's all (finally) changed. Sniper Elite VR has dialed in a July 8 launch date, releasing for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Steam VR, and PSVR. 

The launch date announcement came alongside a release date trailer, which gives fans a great look at the game in action. The final gameplay trailer features some locales and weapons not seen in previous gameplay trailers. It also gives greater insight into the game's story and protagonist, who isn't Karl Fairburne but instead an Italian partisan.

The series' staple X-ray kill cam makes a return, as does its tactical stealth gameplay. Though sniping is the name of the game, players have a number of weapons and throwables at their disposal to make quick work of the enemy if things go terribly wrong. 

We played Sniper Elite VR at PAX East 2020 on PSVR and enjoyed our time with it. Rebellion said then that they were working very hard to strike the right balance between classic Sniper Elite mechanics and how those mechanics work in virtual reality.  

Rebellion Assistant Producer Thomas Waterhouse-Biggins said then that "we [Rebellion] want to maintain what we did in Sniper 4, but we have to make changes. There's a balance there [between VR and the mainline games], but we still got the full impact. When you're watching the bullet go into the person, you can actually turn your head, and it turns the camera."

It won't be long now to see if the team was able to hit the mark. 

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Published Jun. 3rd 2021

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