Illidan Stormrage's coolest moments in Warcraft history

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With return of Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Legion, a quick recap of one of the franchise's most iconic characters and his impact on the lore seemed appropriate.  Fans have been asking for Illidan to come back for the last 5 years, so now that it's finally happening, here's a reminder of why we wanted to see our favorite night elf/demon hybrid again in the first place.

Published Aug. 8th 2015
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I'm highly disappointing this doesn't have the video clip of Illidan's famous line, and I didn't even play back then.
  • Perchance to Game
    Featured Contributor
    True, but I was hoping to beyond that one line iconic though it may be. Especially since it's become something of a joke now and this was meant to talk about his cooler moments.

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