Want to Design an NPC for Terraria 1.2? Get to it!

BE the Terraria. Wait, what?

Want to make an appearance in Terraria 1.2? Redigit is holding a contest for fans to get their own NPC added to the game for the big patch, and you have five days from today to get on it.

Redigit posted the contest two days ago over at the Terraria Online forums (I'm a bit late here), but it is still valid and you still have more than enough time to come up with your ideal NPC to come with the 1.2 patch. The only real restriction lies in copyright infringement: all entries must be original creations.

The contest guidelines are simple. Head on over to the thread, create an account (if you have not done so already), and add a post to the thread with the following listed:

  • Appearance
  • Purpose
  • Acquisition (How players would get your NPC.)
  • Dialogue (Such as memorable phrases and personality.)
  • Name(s)

Ta-da! No art required!

The contest will be running until August 25th, this coming Sunday. Put on your creative hat and get to designing! Some entries are great, some are okay, and some are.. you know, not great. Get in there and do your best for your spot in Terraria history!

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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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