Reminder: The Sonic Mania Soundtrack is Amazing

Take out those earplugs and turn the stereo to 11! These Sonic Mania tracks are going to rock your damn socks off!

If you’re excited for Sonic to go back to his roots in the upcoming 2D platformer, Sonic Mania, good. Not only does the game look good and play well, the music is absolutely wonderful!

The soundtrack to this throwback is definitely inspired by the style of music the older Sonic games had. While there aren’t many tracks released so far, what we have heard is amazing! Here are a few of those nostalgia-inducing tunes:

Studiopolis Zone 1

Catchy and lively, this song will not get out of your head. The jazz elements accompanied by the piano and synthetic trumpets make you just want to tap your feet and move. It’s a perfect complement to the bright, chaotic stage it’s set in.

Mirage Saloon

This song is fitting for a desert stage. It even includes the whistle motif from the classic western "The Good the Bad and the Ugly." How awesome! It’s little things like this that remind you Sonic Mania has a lot of carefully crafted details put into it.

Invincibility Theme

A variation of the title theme, this song really does sound like you’re invincible. It’s just as upbeat and wild as the other tracks listed and do a great job of keeping with the old 8-bit style of the classic Sonic games.

So, whether or not you’re a die-hard fan of the hedgehog, you have to admit composer Tee Lopes did a phenomenal job on the soundtrack, creating memorable songs to look forward to when Sonic Mania finally releases.


Published Nov. 19th 2016

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