New Attack on Titan trailer includes gameplay footage

A new trailer for the upcoming Attack on Titan game finally reveals some gameplay and it looks oh so good.

Koei Tecmo revealed a new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation exclusive Attack on Titan game at the Tokyo Game Show today and we finally are getting a glimpse into what the actual gameplay will look like.

Although the trailer is primarily cut scenes and pre-rendered footage, for about 15 seconds starting at the one minute mark we are finally treated to some gameplay footage from the game and although very brief, it looks so gratifying.

Using the series' iconic 3D Maneuvering, we see main character Eren and other soldiers moving around the titans, slicing off limbs and muscles to bring down the horrendous beasts.

The gameplay is smooth and quick and appears to test players reaction time in the best way possible making each strike you land mean that much more.

Although no official release has been announced yet, Koei Tecmo has said to expect a 2016 release for the PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita.

Published Sep. 16th 2015

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