2013 E3: Contrast

At E3 2013, a new game called Contrast astonished passbyers and kept them wanting more.

At E3, the main focus was mostly on big name titles and big bad consoles, but one of the most surprising games on the show floor was a tiny game with huge inspiration behind it. The platform/puzzler, Contrast, was created by indie game development studio Compulsion Games in the middle of Montreal, Canada. Contrast has a look and feel inspired by film noir and cabaret. It was showcased at both SCEA and Focus Home Interactive's booths at E3 2013.

With a story unlike anything you've seen so far, the game is set during the 1920’s. The artistic designers made an unmistakable charm and hidden mystery into the levels and in the characters. You play as Dawn, an imaginary friend to Didi, who happens to be a 9 year old girl. Dawn can be controlled in in third person in a 3D environment and then can be turned into a shadow. Then Dawn’s movements are controlled in the same way a 2D side-scrolling game is played.

As a plus, with an original jazz-based soundtrack featuring the rich voice of Laura Ellis, Contrast looks to move from the shadows to the big wide world. The game will be looking at releasing this year for the PC, PlayStation® Store and Xbox LIVE® Arcade.


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Published Jul. 1st 2013

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