Far Cry: Blood Dragon; Live Action Trailer

Cyborgs and flying robo-sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads. New live action trailer for Far Cry: Blood Dragon is awesome.

"It is the near future…"The brand new Far Cry: Blood Dragon has already had one hell of a fan response and now has its very own fan made live action trailer. Just last night, Youtube filmmaker MikeDiva put up this amazing video and only little over a week since Blood Dragon’s initial release. It’s pretty damn glorious. Henchman: “This wasn’t part of the prophecy!” Colt: “I AM the prophecy!” Featuring main character, Detective Rex “Power” Colt, a cyber-commando, it’s hard not to love the over-the-top cheesiness of everything about Blood Dragon. This trailer is no exception. Complete with cyborgs, amazing one-liners, and the best costumes a dystopian future can offer – Blood Dragon is a deadly cocktail of sci-fi nostalgia and raditude. If you don’t know anything about the game, check out the official game trailer here or check out this article by our own MirroredSakura."The streets are littered with cyber shit."Everything the trailer oozes the ‘80s in the best way possible. For a fan made, small-crew endeavor it actually looks pretty legit. The horrible video quality, brutal lighting, excessive color bloom, and amazing ‘80s-movie-guy announcer voice all combine to make a great fan trailer. It even has the appropriate title card fonts and some rad techno synth music (Some of the music is courtesy of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack). Besides, this trailer just has the greatest lines: Spider: “Woah woah, I’m a lover not a fighter, man!” Colt: “Not today.” [Throws Spider a gun] Spider: “Oh, hell naw! Can this be a full movie already? I would watch the hell out of this cheese-fest.Certainly not the first good fan trailer, hopefully not the last!While video-game movies have had a long and rich history of sucking (sorry, not even Dennis Hopper could save Super Mario Bros.), recently fans have been taking matters into their own hands and are making great content. Last month, Eric Zargoza put up an incredible Dead Space live action trailer. It did a great job capturing the feel of Dead Space and the costume work was absolutely incredible.Additionally, there is the now-famous fan made Mortal Kombat: Rebirth trailer from two years back. This was so good and so high quality - calling it “fan made” seems a little disingenuous. The fight scenes were fantastic, the camera work was top-notch, and it is still easily on-par with most Hollywood level action flicks.Even the professionally produced live action video game content has been looking good lately. Did you SEE Halo’s Forward onto Dawn? It was incredible. The acting was good, the mood was genuine, and hot damn the Covenant forces were actually terrifying. United Front’s Sleeping Dogs live action trailer is another great example of live action done well. Looking at these recent offerings, it is hard to imagine how all those old live action video game movies were so terrible.Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I see a great deal of potential in the future of live action video game movies. So, here’s hoping! Ladyfriend: “Is it over?” Colt: “No. It’s a Far Cry from being over…3!”


Published May. 8th 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    Gosh I can't wait to pick this up! Good article Jay!

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