Bastion Finds Another Sombra Clue in Overwatch

The Sombra ARG is still alive and well. This time from a suspicious Morse code clue from Bastion.

Back in July, Blizzard started an Alternate Reality Game to tease their latest Overwatch character. In the ARG, the hero "hacks" the Blizzard forums, maps, and developer videos, leaving clues for readers to decode. Fans soon figured out that the hero's name was Sombra.

The first sight of Sombra was in the hero release video for Ana. If you pause at the 1:16 and 2:11 marks, you'll see a flash of numbers and letters. Once de-coded, they reveal two phrases:

"She who has the information, has the power..."


Check out the video below to see for yourself:

After an extensive amount of hidden codes, fans were lead to with a countdown that ended on Tuesday, October 18th. What happened at the end of the countdown? Nothing.

Then today, October 19th, a Redditor posted a video of Bastion prompting a response from a computer monitor in Dorado. The Bastion response in Morse code can be converted to a website, for a company at the end of the El Dorado Map. The phone number provided on the site gives you a message that translates to 'TAKECONTROL', leading you to which leaves a hint similar to the amomentincrime countdown.

The website also provides a login screen, which it seems no one has been able to crack quite yet.

Sombra has been quite a popular ARG, but considering it's been going on since July, fans are getting frustrated with the lengthy hype.

Blizzard will most likely utilize BlizzCon in two weeks for its 'official' Sombra announcement. 


Published Oct. 19th 2016

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