10 Best Minecraft Gun Mods

Create your own FPS experience in Minecraft with these 10 best gun mods in 1.20.2.

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While creators have added things like bows and crossbows to Minecraft, you may be looking for something that offers more of a bang. From firearms and attachments to completely new shooting mechanics, these are the 10 best Minecraft gun mods you need right now.

Minecraft: The 10 Best Gun Mods

10. A.V.A – Alliance of Valiant Arms

If you’re a fan of the free-to-play FPS called A.V.A. Global, then this gun mod is for you. Whether it’s an AR or a sniper rifle, this mod brings numerous weapons and animations from A.V.A. to your Minecraft session. I found the recoil mechanics masterfully implemented, though you can’t use it in Survival Mode just yet.

9. Yamato Gun Mode

The Yamato Gun Mode is simple. It only adds two guns to your roster. However, they’re quite fun to play around with. Mainly, the Yamato gun has the ability to increase its shooting power by charging it with a right-click. You’ll have to think on your feet in combat situations to make the most of this weapon.

8. Age of Weapons Mod

Age of Weapons is a huge mod pack that adds numerous items and weapons to the game, all split up by time periods. Among swords, holy wands, and warhammers, you’ll find an assortment of guns, too. Mainly, I recommend the Modern Age, Neuzeit, and VSY categories, which feature unique firearms. From the classic revolver to an automated rifle and finally a laser carbine, there’s plenty to explore here.

7. Team Masterair’s Guns Data Pack

From pistols to shotguns, the Team Masterair’s Guns pack adds various different modern-age weapons to Minecraft. But that’s not all. You can customize your guns with different ammunition, attachments, and effects, as well. They all come with smooth aim-down-sight mechanics and immersive sound effects, too.

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6. ClassicGun’s Mod

As the name might suggest, the Classic Gun mod pack adds classic versions of some well-known weapons. In this case, it’s World-War-2-style guns. It’s obvious that MG36 has invested a lot of playtesting into this mod, making sure each gun doesn’t disrupt the game’s balance. One of the best things I like? There are also grenades you can use to blow stuff up and channel your inner creeper.

5. Guns and Bullets Resource Pack

Realism is the goal of the Guns and Bullets gun pack. This MC gun mod introduces several firearms and ammunition packs, which you’ll have to keep track of. Ammo is precious and you’ll have to scavenge for it in supply chests. The best thing about this mod, though, is the animations. Loading and firing the different weapons is smooth and realistic, forcing to master them tactically.

4. Chamber’s Weapons Data Pack

Valorant fans rejoice! Chamber’s Weapons Data Pack adds Valorant-style gunplay to Minecraft with unique animations, visual effects, and sound effects. Though there are only two guns in the pack, they’re both great. Both the HeadHunter and the Tour each have their own flashy effects. This mod has one of the best aim-down-sight animations on this list.

3. BlockFront Modpack

This is another weapon pack adding guns and equipment with a WW2 aesthetic. Both with the mechanics of its guns and the visuals, BlockFront aims to immerse you in the history of ranged warfare. This mod comes with a special server where you can train using the various guns and equipment from the mod. Furthermore, this is where you can also engage in multiplayer with BlockFront guns.

2. MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod

Instead of adding tons of guns that usually feel the same or similar, MrCrayfish’s gun mod does something different. The mod adds fewer guns but they’re highly modular and customizable. For example, you can add attachments like scopes to change your weapon’s behavior. It will be exciting to see how this mod evolves.

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1. MC Paintball Mod

While not a traditional gun mod, the MC Paintball mod is nonetheless an exciting addition to your Minecraft game. It introduces the classic fun of paintball gun combat. I quite enjoyed it with my friends on our PVP server.

That’s a wrap for our 10 best Minecraft Gun Mods in 1.20.2. There’s something for everyone here as some packs add tons of guns while others add new mechanics or attachments, as well. If you’re interested in more Minecraft guides, you can find them here on our MC guides hub.

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