The Great Feast of Winter Veil

Celebrate the winter solstice in World of Warcraft! Winter Veil is a great time for all!

During the winter in the northern hemisphere, most of us have become familiar with a certain holiday spirit. This will also bring about the great Feast of Winter Veil in World of Warcraft’s Azeroth. It occurs around Christmas and ends usually on January 2nd in the real world. In the game, you’ll find lots of stuff to do, not the least of which involves dousing your friends with a bunch of snowflakes. Indeed, Winter Veil brings all the magic and spirit of the holiday season to your fantastical digital existence. You’ll find plenty of revelers, spells that will turn your mount into a reindeer, and even presents.

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Indeed, in Ironforge and Orgrimmar, you’ll find huge trees with plenty of presents underneath. There are six different types of gifts, each of which will get you something special to make your winter holiday even more enjoyable. The Ticking Present (which requires that you be at least level 40) gives you either a Mechanical Greench that will protect your for 10 minutes or some preserved holly to make your mount more festive. There are plenty of other interesting little quirks surrounding the Winter Veil festivities; you just kind of have to be there to experience it first-hand.

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