Introducing Tesla Tubes, Kiloo's latest mobile game

Kiloo's addictive new game "Tesla Tubes" is set to remind you of games gone by!

From the minds that brought you Subways Surfers and Smash Champs comes a delightful modern twist on an old favourite. Kiloo has teamed up with Voony Games, a new game studio in Hamberg, Germany, to bring you Tesla Tubes, a game reminiscent of old pipe building games of the past. The twist comes in the form of, not more pipes but, wires and batteries.

Released today, Tesla Tubes is vibrant and fun to play. There are hundreds of levels for you to master, so you are going to be playing it for a very long time. The aim of each level is pretty simple: connect all the batteries while occupying every square.

"Tesla Tubes is an addictive, pocket-sized puzzle game that is sure to test your wit. Run through the levels as fast as you can, or take it easy and secure perfect solutions, using as few moves as possible to complete the puzzles." - Kiloo

It is available on iOS and Android and is free to download.


Published Mar. 19th 2016

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