Captain Tsubasa Gets New Chapter, Three Additions to Character Pass

The Captain Tsubasa Character Pass adds three more characters, and there's a free new story update available now as well.

Three new characters take the field from the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Character Pass, but that's not the only new addition to Bandai Namco's arcade soccer game.

A new free Captain Tsubasa update, also available now, continues building on Episode: New Hero with another chapter starring Captain Ishizaki.

Captain Tsubasa's three new characters are Shingo Aoi of the Golden Trio, the famous Tornado Shot player Ryoma Hino, and Mark Owairanvia, a prince of Saudi Arabia. They join the Character Pass' first three characters, and there's still three more left to go to fill out the pass' promised nine characters.

Those who haven't purchased Captain Tsubasa's Character Pass can still do so for $24.99 on all platforms.

In the latest Episode: New Hero chapter, Tsubasa is on leave from the team, refusing to play any further matches. Ishizaki must lead the Nankatsu Eleven to victory against old classmates who think Nankatsu is a pushover without Tsubasa.

Any excuse for more Tsubasa is fine with us. We called Captain Tsubasa the "best arcade sports title to come out since Rocket League" and praised its expert soccer mechanics and dramatic story alike.


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Published Mar. 12th 2021

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