Nintendo anticipates 20 million NX's to ship in 2016 (Wii U has sold 12m lifetime units)

Nintendo expect the NX to ship 20 million units in 2016, therefore greatly outpacing the PS4!

Despite the poor lifetime sales of the Wii U, Nintendo expects it's next console to ship 20 million units in 2016, according to Taiwan news outlet, Digitimes.

The Wii U has thus far sold around 12 million units, 18 million fewer than the PS4, which has been on the market two years less. The record-breaking PS4 sold around 14 million in its first twelve months on the market, so Nintendo clearly has very high hopes for the NX with such a steep prediction. Interestingly, the console is likely to only become available to consumers between summer and fall 2016, giving it 6 months on the market at most, which makes the 20 million units that much more impressive/lofty.

It's important to note that the report says shipped, which does not mean sold; however, a company rarely ships too many more than it expects to sell. Digitimes also reported that the component supplier, Foxconn, will only be able to meet the demand for 12-13 million units. This clearly contradicts with Nintendo's sales aspirations, but we should know more when the console is officially revealed.

Michael Patcher, games analyst, predicts the console has a 60% chance of succeeding, and that the NX is unlikely to be the last Nintendo console. You can read more of his analysis here.

The Nintendo NX has yet to be fully unveiled, hence the codename, but rumors continue to enforce that it will release sometime in 2016. Dev kits have reportedly been sent to developers, with Nintendo hoping to win back third-party developers like EA with "industry-winning chips." Last month, a patent for a controller was discovered, which furthered beliefs that the machine will be a hybrid of home console and handheld device. Indeed, Nintendo has even said that it will be a "new experience" and continue its trend of pushing boundaries. But only time will tell whether that's enough to sell as many units as Nintendo hopes.

Nintendo recently held a Direct, where it revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be getting a Wii U remaster in March 2016. It then reiterated that the next Zelda, currently titled Zelda Wii U, is indeed still a Wii U title - in light of rumours that it would simply be moved over to NX. You can check out all of the announcements from last month's direct right here. (And for fun, you can read our list of 10 games that need to be on Wii U right here.)

Do you think the NX can sell anywhere near 20 million units with less than a year on the market? What kind of console do you think it will be? Let us know in the comments! And for all things Nintendo and NX, stay tuned to GameSkinny!


Published Dec. 4th 2015
  • Joe DeClara
    Featured Contributor
    I'm not sure Nintendo is predicting 20 million units shipped in 6 months. They most definitely mean in it's first 12 months, or at the very least in it's first fiscal year. Also, we still don't quite yet know for sure when the NX will be released. We've heard rumors of manufacturing going underway early 2016, but nothing official yet.

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