10 Most Accurate Historical FPS Games

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First-person shooters these days appear to be lacking one significant aspect that tends to win over entire crowds of people: the historically accurate setting. While we may not have seen as many World War 2 shooters in the past few years as we once had, they are slowly making a resurgence into the gaming world with ground-breaking technology, new game engines, and entire communities of players seeking this revival now that futuristic shooters and modern-day combat has been played to death.

It is hard to select just ten first-person shooters with accurate settings, as we've seen literally thousands of games within the genre released in the past twenty years alone. FPS is one of the most bogged down genres in the gaming market, but it is also one of the most interesting, immersive, and sometimes even the most realistic.

These ten games should bring back some memories for those who once played through their stories and multiplayer campaigns. And then there will be some you can easily reinstall via Steam and enjoy tonight.

Published Jul. 27th 2016
  • Mohamad Yehea Aldandashi
    I am not an FPS player, but there is something in Semi-rifles that makes me love the historical FPS games

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