Deus Ex pre-order bonus canceled

Deus Ex 4's controversial pre-order program has been canceled.

After severe backlash, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's "Augment Your Pre-Order" bonus has been canceled. For those who are unaware, the bonus was meant to give players more or less pre-order bonuses, depending on how much they paid.

Some players saw this as corrupt. They felt that providing the option to pay more was entirely greedy, as some of the offers included things such as being able to play the game a full four days before it is released. In a society where no one wants to be second, it seemed that the goal was to provide an incentive so good that players were essentially "forced" to pay more for their pre-order if they are long time fans who want to play as soon as possible.

After the huge controversy that these offers created, this idea was scrapped. Now, anyone who pre-orders the game will have access to this incentive content, and the release date will not be changed by pre-ordering the game. The release date remains, and will remain, February 23rd, 2016.


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Published Oct. 4th 2015
  • Durinn McFurren
    People really can find a way to complain about almost anything, can't they? I mean, lots of other games have pre-orders along with 'collector's edition pre-orders' and the like. But heaven forfend someone else in the world get to do something before someone else. I mean, yes, having the extra fee is greedy, but if people are stupid enough to pay extra to get access 4 days early, I say, go ahead and soak them of their money!

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