Pokemon Home is Full of Bugs, and They Ain't Caterpie

From crashes and lockouts to mysterious disappearing Pokemon, Pokemon Home's bugs aren't making the transfer process any easier.

Pokemon Home launched last night to a flood of players trying to get their favorite-est 'mon into the modern storage device. As one would expect from the launch of any new app, Pokemon Home is riddled with bugs, and not the ones we actually want.

Some players are reporting problems even signing in or linking Home to their other devices. These issues tend to be isolated to the mobile version of Pokemon Home.

Others are encountering specific error codesPokemon Home Error 992 and Pokemon Home Error 999.

What are these errors? Despite articles floating around saying it's related to passwords or other such things, even Nintendo doesn't know. The Big N published a support article directing people to The Pokemon Company to make their issues known, which probably means this is something completely unexpected all around.

Some tried claiming it was only affecting those who attempted transferring hacked Pokemon, but other Redditors and GameFAQs-ers said that's bunk; it happened to them too without hacked 'mon involved. That said, sending or receiving a hacked 'mon through a trade is apparently causing crashes. Since there's no way to know if some... cursed individual... is sending you a hacked Pokemon, it might be best to stay clear of Home's trade functions for now.

What's worse is what some users claim happens when they get this error code. It usually comes up during the transfer process — and then the transferred Pokemon are nowhere to be found, not in Home, but not in Bank. Hopefully, they're just stuck in transfer limbo and not actually, y'know... gone forever and ever.

We'll be following this closely to find out what happens and how it can be fixed. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Home bug news and bug fixes as we learn about them.


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Published Feb. 12th 2020

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