Massive Arma 3 Overhaul Upsets Some Players

Arma 3 polishes up its visuals in a far-reaching overhaul. Get ready for Apex release!

Bohemia Interactive, the developer of Arma 3, has released update 1.60 as a giant step towards their next DLC, Apex. This 3.2 GB patch makes a number of improvements, fixes, and tweaks to the game, the most significant being user-friendly options on the Respawn Screen.

The new screen is less cluttered -- it allows an easy view of potential locations to rejoin the battle, and has the countdown timer large and in charge in the center of your screen. Moreover, choosing a role and viewing the associated loadout is done from the same tidy screen.

Other major changes include improvements to the multiplayer experience such as simplification of the Score/Stats display, and separation of the VON and Chat channels.

As is the case with updates of this size, some players are expressing dissatisfaction, especially on Steam where campaign progress has been lost and skies have turned black as night. On the official Twitter feed, however, the reaction is overwhelmingly positive.

With such a dedicated and numerous player base, the pain of a major update will soon be forgotten amidst the crash and boom of the big guns and the crackle of the radio calling in the artillery support. 


Published May. 31st 2016

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