Square Enix Details Yuffie's FF7 Remake Intergrade Changes

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade powers up Yuffie and adds new characters to the Avalanche saga.

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Yuffie gets a major upgrade to her combat skills. Square Enix released new FF7 Remake Intergrade screenshots and voice cast info alongside new Yuffie details, though it raises as many questions as it answers about how Intergrade fits in with the main story.

Yuffie's classic shuriken is still her standard attack, but her Wutai ninjutsu abilities add ranged elemental attacks to her arsenal. These are follow-up attacks usable after Yuffie uses her Unique Ability.

Banishment is another new Yuffie ability. This one's power changes depending on how much of the ATB meter Yuffie used prior to activating the ability. Finally is the Windstorm ability, a massive cyclone that pulls enemies towards Yuffie.

Square Enix revealed FF7 Remake Intergrade's voice cast and some brand-new characters, including Billy Bob the Avalanche HQ member — no, that's not a typo — and Zhije, a contact point between Wutai and Avalanche.

  • Yuffie Kisaragi, voiced by Suzie Yeung
  • Sonon Kusakabe, voiced by Aleks Le
  • Weiss, voiced by Daman Mills
  • Zhijie, voiced by Griffin Puatu
  • Nayo, voiced by Ashley Boettcher
  • Billy Bob, voiced by David Goldstein
  • Polk, voiced by Daniel Amerman

The original Final Fantasy 7 showed very little of Avalanche outside Barret's main group, so what role these lead members play remains to be seen. Whatever new story elements FF7 Remake: Intergrade adds, Square Enix won't be focusing on side chapters and DLC in the future, though. The next stop is Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade releases June 10 for PlayStation 5.


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Published Apr. 13th 2021

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