New Multiplayer Super Kirby Clash Announced for Nintendo Switch

Kirby is back for another round on Nintendo Switch, this time with up to four friends as the pink poofball takes on a stream of tough bosses.

Kirby is making their way back to the Nintendo Switch in a free-to-start multiplayer bonanza called Super Kirby Clash — and it's available on the Nintendo Switch eShop now.

Kirby Clash lets up to four players take control of their own Kirby and fulfill a unique Role in combat. Clash is a boss-rush game at heart, pitting teams of Kirby against a stream of challenging bosses.

Small though Kirby may be, they aren't bereft of some extra firepower. Players can craft new weapons or use Gem Apples to refill a Vigor gauge for combat. Gem Apples can be purchased through earning in-game currency or using real-world money.

Other options for powering up include taking on quests or trading with other players for weapons, items, and stickers.

Super Kirby Clash supports local wireless play for up to four players, or those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription can play with others from around the world.

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Published Sep. 4th 2019

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