Review - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a wonderful addition to the Metal Gear Saga.

I personally had this game pre-ordered as the collectors edition. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed with what I received.

Collector's Edition goodies

  • A nice lamp that has 2 different modes of lighting.
  • A metal case for which I can put both my Game and Soundtrack inside, which has a wonderful art on it.
  • The collectors box is a great display for us who are Metal Gear Fans.
  • The game itself.

Now, the game starts with viewing a cinematic of Raiden and a high figure of another country are riding together and in conversation. Then Sam comes and starts the action. Afterward, you being playing, and the gameplay was more than what I imagined, mostly because...

The weapons you get throughout the game are interesting

They promised you could cut things continuously and It is true. I was entertained by the Blade mode, the simple slicing of vehicles and other objects to tiny little bits. Raidens moves that you can purchase later in game are just astonishing.

You get a polearm that literally puts a new emphasis on the term Polearm: it's made out of all these little cyber arms that Mistral uses during her fight and the last arm holds a knife. the thing isn't stiff like a normal polearm either, it is flexible like a noodle from a swimming pool.

There are also Monsoon's Sai's I personally didn't care much for these because they don't do as much as other weapons but still can be useful with a shocking ability.

The dual swords from Sundowner are very slow but with the full combination of attacks from them they are quite deadly.

Being a pre-order customer I recieved the wonderful Gray Fox suit and sword. The sword when you pay for the special effect ignores a great deal of armor when piercing and exacts a great deal of damage. Only thing I have to say that kind of pissed me off was since we pre-order the game you think we get the sword and the costume already. No - we had to purchase them with the in-game currency. Not a big deal, but frustrating none the less. We pre-ordered for this, so why not let us have it already? It seemed like they were teasing us.

Music was spot on

The music throughout the game just made it even more intense. Especially the boss fights which is no surprise. The first one mistral just got me pumped during the whole fight. Each song matches the bosses so well.

Also the very useful tool where you can equip your extra health packs to where if your life hits the end, they will refill instantly without you doing it so it seems like you have more lives.

I'm sold on sneaking

The sneaking of the game is thrilling, you can perform stealth kills such as from above you jump and impale the enemy with your sword straight down on top of their head and into their body, you then jump and pull it out to do blade mode. Here you can slice them to bits for fun or slice the right spot to get more health from them.

I am already a Metal Gear fan and when I heard of a Metal Gear action game instead of Stealth. I was a little skeptical, but more excited because a new step and a new idea that might continue and make the Metal Gear saga grow.


Our Rating
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a wonderful addition to the Metal Gear Saga.


Published Jun. 10th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    I'm real glad to see someone enjoyed it so much. =)
    I thought the action was cool but the story made me wanna bash my head into a wall. =p
  • Inoculah
    Just curious, what was the specific moments in the story that you didn't care for?
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    All of it. =p I was just bored out of my mind. The plot concept is good but the dialogue and presentation was bad. To me anyways.
  • Inoculah
    Only thing I probably would have liked more would have been more than just two people in the winds of destruction.

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