Shadowrun: Hong Kong Raises Over 1 Million Dollars In Kickstarter Campaign

Shadowrun: Hong Kong's Kickstarter is over - and it's blown its $100,000 goal out of the water, raising over a million dollars towards the game's production.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund production of Harebrained Schemes' latest cRPG Shadowrun: Hong Kong is now over and has raised $1,204,706 - well in excess of the company's funding goal of $100,000.

This is not the first time that the company has successfully funded one of their titles through Kickstarter;  their two previous titles, Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut were also crowd-funded triumphs, each far exceeding their original goals.

Based on the tabletop RPG series Shadowrun, the cRPG series has a post-apocalyptic setting in which magic and technology combine, blending aspects of the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

As a reward for hitting the million-dollar mark, fans have unlocked a Shadows of Hong Kong mini-campaign, providing an extra 4-5 hours of gameplay on top of the game's promised 12+ hours. Rather than announcing further stretch goals, however, the development team has released a statement saying that the extra funds will go towards dealing with any potential hiccups in the development process.

Fans of the series that missed out on the Kickstarter can still get in on the reward action by supporting their second-chance preorder campaign, available until March 13.


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Published Feb. 23rd 2015
  • ZonkerHarris
    If Hong Kong were only as good as Dragonfall, it'd be amazing. But now they have the funds to make it moar better? So cool.

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