Astraea is coming to PS4 early next year

Open world, town-bulider coming to PS4 early next year.

Norwind Interactive announced that Astraea, an open-ended sandbox town-building game, will be coming to PS4 in early 2016. 

In a post on PlayStation blog, lead developer of Astraea, Brandon Engbrecht announced the game coming to PS4 and talked about the game itself briefly. 

"Astraea is all about giving players the freedom to design their own town by allowing buildings/structures/objects to be constructed wherever the player would like. In Astraea, both you and the villagers will be able to plant/harvest crops, raise farm animals and participate in activities and more"

One of the unique features of Astraea is the ability to create mini-games, such as archery and fishing, and play them in the towns you create. Friends on PSN can be invited to enter your town to complete these mini-games.The PS4 version of the game will feature exclusive content and have a split screen co-op mode. The game will be shown at the Central Canada Comic Con this October. 

Astraea is not the only PS4 game announced this week. The beat'em up Furi was also announced for PS4 and PC and is to be released early 2016


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Published Oct. 14th 2015

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