Win a PS4 With A Killer Victory Dance

Win a free PlayStation 4 for you and a friend by showing off your best dance moves.

Want a new PlayStation 4 but don't have the money to spend? In that case, Sony's new contest is the perfect fit for you. Sony recently started the PS4 Dance Contest, where Instagram users could show off their best moves in order to win a PS4 for themselves and a friend.

Instagrammers are supposed to take a photo or a video of their best gaming victory dance and add #PS4DanceContestPlayStation has been streaming ads all over the internet, featuring the New York City Ballet (as shown above). Other than that, the internet has been fairly quiet about this contest. As of the beginning of this article, there were only 97 entries on Instagram with the correct hashtag; this means that the sooner you apply, the better chances of winning. Multiple winners are chosen every week, so the odds are even better in your favor.

The current submissions are searchable on Instagram and also found on PlayStation's website here. It's interesting to see how people celebrate their victories, and it's even cooler to see how involved some people are getting. CjNinja95, for example, seems to have opened an Instagram account just for this contest, as there are no other posts on their account; that being said, their choregraphed dance is pretty amusing to watch.


#ps4dancecontest :)

A video posted by @cjninja95 on Nov 11, 2014 at 5:50am PST


Other users, like James_the_Dancer, are flipping excited about the contest, literally. James_the_Dancer is cartwheeling, donkey-kicking, and backwards rolling in hopes to win a new PS4 for himself and a friend.

While the entries so far are interesting enough, the PlayStation contest is still underway. With only 97 entries, there's definitely room for growth. Are you going to enter? If you do, be sure to tweet me your dance!


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Published Nov. 19th 2014

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